The Paracord Survival Kit

    The Paracord Survival Kit
  • The OutNowTech Paracord Survival Kit can make the difference! You may not plan to be hiking or hunting for long enough to need a bag full of survival gear, but accidents can happen when you least expect them. You don't want to find yourself unable to act if you end up stranded, lost or injured in the great outdoors.

    That doesn't mean that you have to haul around a bulky gear bag on every day trip, though! You can ensure that you're ready for anything simply by clipping a paracord binder to your belt or day bag when you have the OutNow Tech Paracord Survival Kit!

    The OutNow Tech Paracord Survival Kit is a paracord carabiner that measures just 5 inches in length by 2 inches in width, and weights just 4 ounces, yet wrapped up tightly inside of this yellow paracord is a range of truly essential survival gear. The contents of the survival kit include:

    • 2 x Fishing hooks
    • 1 x Length of fishing line
    • 2 x Weights
    • 2 x Floats
    • 2 x Swivels
    • 1 x Flint rod survival fire starter
    • 1 x Alcohol pad
    • 1 x Tinder
    • 1 x Tin foil
    • 1 x Knife blade
    • 1 x Iron wire
    • 2 x Safety pins
    • 1 x needle

    In addition to all of the survival gear, you'll also have approximately 9 feet of paracord 550 parachute cord that is strong enough to bear up to 550 pounds of weight. You can use it as a rope, a tourniquet, support for a survival shelter, and so much more.

    Make sure you're ready for whatever comes your way when you're exploring the great outdoors. Get the OutNow Tech Paracord Survival Kit, the survival kit that you can wear or clip on anywhere.

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    • KEEP IT WITH YOU WHEREVER YOUR ADVENTURES TAKE YOU It's easy to ensure you always have a survival kit with you on the go! Just clip the carabiner onto your bag & get instant peace of mind
    • UNRAVEL WHEN YOU NEED IT! The paracord stays tightly wound around the survival gear included in the paracord survival kit until you need it! Then, you can quickly unwind it and get 9 feet of paracord 550
    • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SURVIVE IN THE WILD Includes survival fire starter rod and tinder, a fishing survival kit, safety pins, a needle, a knife blade, iron wire & an alcohol pad
    • PREMIUM QUALITY PARTS Every part of the survival fire starter paracord set is of the absolute finest quality to ensure that you have all that's required to handle an emergency in the outdoors
    • WON'T WEIGH YOU DOWN The entire survival kit is just 4 ounces in weight, so you can carry it with ease for long and short trips

    Order yours now securely at Amazon.

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