The OutNowTech LUKEN 1000 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

    The OutNowTech LUKEN 1000 Rechargeable LED Flashlight The OutNowTech LUKEN 1000 Rechargeable LED Flashlight Kit comes complete with everything you need for use in the home and outdoors. The breakthrough design means you don't have to take the torch apart just to recharge the battery - you can connect up the power supply directly to the charging port on the side of the flashlight itself, so there's no need for a separate charging unit. It comes with a wall charger for U.S. sockets, and also a car charger that plugs into your cigarette lighter socket.

    Just imagine the situation when your rechargeable led light is on charge because you've used it recently, and you suddenly need it in a hurry. Do you unscrew the end of the torch, grab the battery from its charger and put it (the right way round) in the torch, screw the end back on, and go... Or do you just pull the power supply lead from the charging port and go...

    It's one less piece to lose around the home, one less piece to take with you on your camping trip, one less piece kicking around in the car - this led flashlight innovation is an improvement all round!


    • RECHARGEABLE WITHOUT REMOVING BATTERY - Breakthrough Design Lets You Plug Power Supply Directly Into The Torch, No Need To Remove Battery For Charging - Complete With Mains And Car Adapters
    • ZOOM NARROW TO WIDE BEAM - Slide The Head In And Out To Vary Between Wide Flood And Narrow Beam
    • SUPER BRIGHT 1000 LUMENS - Cree LED, 18650 Rechargeable Battery - Do Not Look Directly Into The Beam At Close Range
    • MULTI-MODE - A Light Press On The End Button Varies Between 3 Brightness Levels, Strobe And SOS Functions
    • PRESENTATION GIFT BOX - Makes A Great Gift

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    • Super bright 1000 lumen flashlight
    • Uses Cree T6 LED, nominal lifetime 100000 hours
    • 18650 rechargeable battery, nominal recharge lifetime 500 cycles charge/discharge
    • Built-in protection against reverse polarity and over-charging
    • Plastic sleeve for battery
    • Carrier for 3 x AAA disposable batteries for when you just can't recharge
    • Aluminum body with black anodised finish
    • Mains wall power supply for recharging at home or at work
    • Car cigarette lighter power supply for recharging on the move
    • Presentation gift box
    • Instruction manual PDF delivered by email
    • Lifetime guarantee - buy with confidence

    Order yours now securely at Amazon.

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