The OutNowTech BLAYZE Fire Starter

    The OutNowTech BLAYZE Fire Starter

    The OutNowTech BLAYZE Fire Starter is a dedicated, single-purpose, magnesium rod fire starter for the serious hiker and camper. If you expect to be starting camp fires on a regular basis, then this is the tool for you!

    This is a really nice piece of kit, it feels really well engineered, with its aircraft-grade aluminium housing and threaded joints giving a waterproof carrier about the size of a pencil.

    It has a container where you can keep your flammable material like tinder or kerosene-soaked cotton balls, and the magnesium rod and steel scraper are protected inside the tube.

    Scrape the steel scraper along the magnesium rod to create sparks to ignite your flammable material to get your fire going. No worries about keeping your matches dry any more!

    It's lightweight - only about 1 ounce - so it's easy to carry in your pack even for the toughest hike.

    It even comes with a replacement magnesium rod, in case you ever wear it out!

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    • Dedicated Fire Starter
    • Magnesium Rod with Steel Scraper
    • Aircraft-Grade Aluminium Housing
    • Waterproof Container for Flammable Material

    Order yours now securely at Amazon.

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