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    AJAX Multitool

    The OutNowTech AJAX Multitool is a versatile mid-price tool for indoor and outdoor use, great for hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

    Useful and stylish.

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      BLAYZE Fire Starter

      The BLAYZE Fire Starter - the dedicated, single-purpose, fire starter tool for the dedicated hiker and camper - robust, lightweight, waterproof.

      Seriously cool piece of kit!

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        CYRUS Ultra-Compact Binoculars

        Stylish, compact, fun, easy-to-use binoculars for everyday. You can carry them in your bag, keep them in your glove box, use them any time.

        Get closer to the action!

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          LUKEN 1000 Flashlight

          The OutNowTech LUKEN 1000 Rechargeable LED Flashlight Kit comes complete with everything you need for use in the home and outdoors.

          Complete with battery and chargers

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            Paracord Survival Bracelet

            The OutNowTech Paracord Survival Bracelet makes being prepared for the unexpected easy, because it's actually a complete survival kit that you wear on your wrist.

            Inexpensive item that might just save your life!

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              Paracord Survival Kit

              The OutNowTech Paracord Survival Kit contains the means to catch food, start fires, help build a shelter, and signal for help.

              Lightweight add-on that might keep you alive!

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                VANTAGE Folding Pocket Knife

                The VANTAGE Pocket Knife puts all of the essentials right at your fingertips in one folding knife design. Includes mini torch and emergency fire-starter.

                Great for camping, hiking and emergencies!

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